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瀬戸美術 創立5周年記念 特別展|荒木高子 聖書

2018年11月 5日(月)〜 24日(土)
11:00 – 18:00 日祝休廊 最終日は16:30まで
瀬戸美術 大阪市中央区伏見町3-2-8 池芳ビル6階

この度瀬戸美術では創立5周年を記念して「特別展|荒木高子 聖書」を開催いたします。

荒木高子(1921 – 2004)は兵庫県西宮市出身(三田市にて没)
高子は華道未生流宗家の家に生まれます。15歳の時父が他界して家元代行を務めます しかし好奇心旺盛な高子はガラスオブジェの創作を始めたり須田剋太に師事して絵画を学び、大阪 梅田にて現代美術の画廊「白鳳画廊」を開くなど40歳まで自由奔放な生活を送ります。 転機が現れたのは1963年、40歳を過ぎて欧米を巡り、工芸の世界に入ります。 そして79年に日本陶芸展の最優秀賞を受賞します。その時の作品が陶器で作られた「聖書」です。


2011 荒木高子展-心の深淵に迫る-(兵庫県陶芸美術館)
1996 荒木高子展 いきざまを焼く (西宮市大谷記念美術館)

SETOARTS 5th Anniversary Commemorative Special Exhibition | Araki Takako Bible

Monday, November 5, 2018 – Saturday, 24 November
11:00 – 18:00 Sundays and holidays Last holiday is until 16:30
SETOARTS 6F IKEYOSHI Bld 3-2-8 Fushimi-cho Chuo-ku Osaka-shi

In SETOARTS, “Special Exhibition | Takako Araki Bible” will be held in commemoration of the 5th anniversary of establishment.

Araki Takako (1921 – 2004) is from Nishinomiya city, Hyogo prefecture (death in Sanda city)
Takako is born as a daughter of a flower teacher. At the age of fifteen, her father passed away. She will take the place of the teacher. But she is curious. She begins to create glass objects and she taught paintings at Suda Kokuta. She opens Hakuho Gallery which handles contemporary art in the place of Umeda in Osaka. She was liberating liberally until she was 40 years old. A turning point comes to her. In 1963, she passed the age of 40, traveled around the West, aiming for a craftwriter. In 1979 he won the Grand Prize at the Japan Ceramics Exhibition. The work at that time is “Bible” made of pottery.
The Bible produces pages one by one and prints letters on a porcelain plate like a printmaking.
Its enormous effort and the Bible that is about to collapse will attract viewers.

In this exhibition, 7 pieces of Bible works of Takako Araki will be on display.
Although it is a small space, it is a magnificent exhibit, so please have a look at it.